✓ Create bathymetric maps using built-in GPS or phone/tablet GPS with all maps and scanning history saved on your device and accessible on any computer.

所有图表都是免费下载的, and all maps automatically transferred to the Fish Deeper™ web portal.

✓ Deeper sonars are wireless, very light, small and do not require a complex installation on a boat. 它们易于运输,可以快速部署.

✓ An inexpensive solution compared to industrial grade sonars. 适用于要求高精度的用户, Deeper sonars act as a great tool for conducting preliminary pre-surveys before employing industrial grade sonars.



声纳读出. See bottom composition and hardness, locate fish and underwater objects.

不仅仅是钓鱼. 人们制造了更深的声纳来定位好的捕鱼地点. They were not designed for industrial/scientific surveying purposes, but still they have drawn interest from people and organisations of various vocations and now serve as a great tool for hydrographers, 环境科学家, 大学, 土木工程师, 潜水员和更多的人.

内置的全球定位系统. 深水声纳内置GPS (PRO+), 箴+ 2, 12bet备用网址+, 12bet备用网址+ 2) which allows bathymetric maps to be created while casting the sonar from shore or transporting it with a remote-controlled boat or drone. Sonar models without GPS can still create bathymetric maps from small watercraft (boat, kayak, 浮筒, 一口董事会, 等.)使用你的手机或平板电脑的GPS定位系统. 你也可以使用你自己的GPS接收器来提高准确度.

轻便,便于运输. 在船上不需要复杂的安装. 较深的声纳系统重量轻,便于运输. 它们可以快速部署, which can be very useful when you need to measure depth in multiple separate water bodies (e.g. brine pools) or conduct surveys in remote areas such as alpine/volcanic lakes.


NMEA0183数据. 连接到声纳(12bet备用网址+ 2, 12bet备用网址+, 箴+ 2) with almost any device and receive the following NMEA messages over UDP: $GPGSA; $GLGSA; $GAGSA; $GNRMC; $GNVTG; $GPGSA; $GLGSA; $GAGSA; $GNRMC; $GNVT; $GNGGA; $SDDBT; $YXMTW.

出口数据. 水深数据可以导出到 .CSV file containing the following values: latitude, longitude, depth, timestamp, temperature. This data can be imported into other GIS software for 2D/3D map creation.

wi - fi连接. 深度声纳通过Wi-Fi连接智能手机或平板电脑, 允许无线连接范围达100 - 120米. Wi-Fi扩展器可以用来增加它. Deeper creates its own Wi-Fi and can be used anywhere in the world.


Deeper sonars can be great tools for bathymetric map creation and scientific research and surveying.

✓3个角梁(47°/ 20°/ 7°)

✓ Casting range up to 100 - 120 m / 330 - 394 ft (depending on model)

探测深度可达100米/ 330英尺

✓ Operating time up to 8 - 15 hours (depending on model and usage conditions)

工作温度从-20°C到40°C / -4°F到104°F


  • 获得更好的污泥地图
  • 水体处理数据
  • 验证水的深度
  • 发现沉船
  • 到达非常偏远的地区
  • 获得更好的污泥地图




    Situation: Creating bathymetric maps of small farm ponds as well as municipal reservoirs and even sewage lagoons.

    12bet备用网址一开始只是为了测量深度. We then saw that we could do so much more with this little device. We have since fitted this device to a remote control boat and use it in boat mode with an i电话 on the RC boat. 12bet备用网址用它来制作完整的地图. This gives us better sludge maps on sewage lagoons than the old way of using a sludge judge throughout multiple locations on a lagoon. It is also safer since we need not send someone out on a boat on top of a sewage lagoon anymore."

    "The raw data works great to input into CAD programs in order to produce some very nice maps."

  • 水体处理数据


    Devin Crosbie


    Situation: Maintaining lakes and storm water retention ponds for HOA communities, 高尔夫球场, 和政府直辖市.

    "We are just getting started using Deeper, and so far we’ve bathymetrically mapped about 8 lakes. 映射是12bet备用网址提供给客户的一项新服务. 外面的, the 更深层次的职业+ has been very useful in quickly casting out and gathering depth readings, which are then used to calculate the amount of chemical needed to treat certain water bodies."

    "Very useful in quickly casting out and gathering depth readings."

  • 验证水的深度




    Situation: Works for an environmental regulatory agency and needs to constantly verify water depths for development in the water.

    12bet备用网址不仅使用deep去获取特定区域的深度, but we use the bathymetric feature to identify things like deep water channels in shallow bays and sounds to aid in navigation decisions. We use the bathymetric feature to ensure that points of ingress and egress are not blocked, 影响, 或者不可用. 利用附近浮标的潮汐资料, 以及在退潮时使用deep, we can interpolate the average depths relative to MLW or MLLW to ensure that the water depths at low tides wouldn’t cause impact to the bottom habitat through various kinds of development. The Deeper allows us to cast in various areas from shore and determine, 通过水深复合测绘, 最深的水域和渠道在哪里."


  • 发现沉船




    Situation: Using the Deeper 12bet备用网址+ for shipwreck search in diving expeditions.

    "There are not many accessible products for divers who want to find shipwrecks and we usually buy fishing side scanners or sonars as they are relatively precise. 12bet备用网址真的很喜欢这个12bet开户. I was really impressed by the quality of the product, software and hardware. I tried much more expensive and bulky units and the 12bet备用网址+ gives similar or even better results."

    "Really impressed by the quality of the product, software and hardware."

  • 到达非常偏远的地区




    "We use a very small boat (50 cm long) with the sonar floating in the centre of the boat (and the cellphone aboard) and move it with ropes from one shore to the opposite, 所以12bet备用网址甚至不需要为12bet备用网址携带一艘大船."

    "We can access very remote lakes to get bathymetric data with a very light equipment and very good resolution."


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